New Benefits To Cover You For Covid-19

Extension of coverage for patients admitted to Community Care Facility (CCF) or Community Recovery Facility (CRF).

The ongoing pandemic is changing the world as we know it, and we’re committed to supporting you through these tough times. To ensure that you are adequately protected, we are expanding our COVID-19 coverage to include customers admitted to a CCF or CRF.

To help tide you through financial uncertainty, we have also put in place a COVID-19 Customer Support Package which includes the following benefits:

S$1,000,000 COVID-19 Support Fund

All customers contracted with COVID-19 and admitted to a hospital/CCF/CRF for 5 days or more will receive a one-time immediate cash benefit of up to S$3,500 and an Additional Death Benefit of S$30,000.

Extension of Grace Period for Premium Payment

We will allow a grace period of up to six months in total (applicable to premium payments due between 1 April and 30 September 2020), to help ensure that long-term protection needs remain unaffected during this difficult time. To apply, please contact me.

Donation to The Courage Fund

We are committed to championing vulnerable groups amid the COVID-19 outbreak and have donated S$100,000 to The Courage Fund.

Non Face-to-Face Advisory

Customers have the option to contact our Financial Consultants from their homes via WhatsApp or video call. A new application form with built-in e-signature capabilities is also available for your convenience. Please contact me for more information.

Terms & Conditions for COVID-19 Customer Support Package Conditions

Effective 17 February 2020 until 1 September 2020 (both dates inclusive) (the “Covered Period”) and subject to the terms and conditions below, all existing individual inforce/new policyholders and individual life insureds (“Customers”) of Manulife Singapore Pte Ltd (“Manulife Singapore”) will receive the following FREE protection coverage against COVID-19 (“COVID-19 Benefits”).


Benefit Coverage

Diagnosis Benefit

(a) Payout of S$1,500 upon diagnosis of COVID-19; and

(b) An additional payout of S$2,000 for hospitalisation of 5 days or more for confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19.

Death Benefit

Additional S$30,000 payout upon death due to COVID-10 infection.

Terms & Conditions
  1. All Customers of Manulife Singapore who contracted COVID-19 and/or died due to COVID-19 infection during the Covered Period are eligible for the COVID-19 Benefits at no additional costs.
  2. The COVID-19 Benefits are payable only if:
    • the diagnosis of, hospitalisation and/or death due to COVID-19 occurred in Singapore during the Covered Period, and
    • Manulife Singapore’s COVID-19 support fund for COVID-19 Benefits capped at S$1 million for total payout remains available.
  3. “Hospitalisation” will now include admission to a Community Care Facility (CCF) and/or Community Recovery Facility (CRF) following a transfer from a hospital.
  4. For policies issued/reinstated on or after 17 Feb 2020, COVID-19 Benefits will not be payable if the Customer’s diagnosis of COVID-19 occurs within fourteen (14) days from the date of the policy issuance/reinstatement.
  5. The Customer or Customer’s legal representative must at his/her own expense, within ninety (90) days from the date of diagnosis or death, notify Manulife Singapore and give written proof of such claim. Such proof includes written proof of test result confirming COVID-19 infection, duration of hospitalisation, and death certification (where applicable) certified by a registered medical practitioner in Singapore.
  6. Each Customer will only be entitled to a one-time payment of Diagnosis Benefit (i.e. S$1,500 or S$3,500 depending on the duration of hospitalisation), and a one-time payment of Death Benefit (i.e. S$30,000) to each Customer’s legal representative regardless of the number of policies held.
  7. Manulife Singapore shall at its own absolute discretion vary these Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

Information is correct as of 18 May 2020.

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