How to Stay Active and Healthy While at Home

Exercise and activity are often associated with the stepping outdoors, but did you know that there are a variety of ways to stay active and healthy right in your home? Incorporating exercise and activities into your daily life is important and can change a boring day into a fun and eventful one! As exercise naturally releases endorphins and is known as a natural mood booster, it can also help improve your overall attitude throughout the day ( 20173)! Ready to try it for yourself? Here are three easy ways for you and your family to stay healthy all in the safety of your own home!

Schedule Time to Exercise Every Day

Sticking to a scheduled routine is an essential part of maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. As you plan out your day, be sure to carve out a fraction of your time to focus on an upbeat activity that will get your heart rate pumping! Mix it up each day to target different muscle groups and build endurance over time. Some ideas include following an online workout video, participating in a dance party, or playing a game that requires consistent movement (Velocity Care 20161). Take advantage of the numerous apps and programs that offer free trials to give you a feel of things, or simply look up the many available workout routines online!

Make Time for Creativity

Physical activity isn’t the only way to stay healthy: you can get your brain in on a little exercise too! Getting your creative juices to flow is a very important part of staying healthy, so be sure to make time every day to do something creative as a family. Similar to your block off exercise schedule, set aside time to participate in a different brain activity every day. Some ideas include drawing, painting, reading a book or even playing a game (Good Housekeeping 20202). Pinterest is overflowing with ideas on how to keep your brain active as a family or as an individual – so be sure to check it out for inspiration!

Have Fun Creating Healthy Meals

The last piece of the puzzle to staying healthy involves the type of food you’re eating to fuel your body. Creating new and exciting meals can also be part of the creative process each day! After all, who says that cooking needs to be boring? Spend time as a family to come up with delicious and healthy meal ideas - then work together to create the masterpieces! Each family member can have a different job to bring the meal together, and at the end of all of your hard work, you’ll have something delicious to enjoy as a reward, not to mention lots to talk about after!

Perhaps the biggest challenge to staying active and healthy while indoors is not seeing the importance in developing and maintaining a routine. Planning your days ahead of time and incorporating fun activities and exciting meals will encourage you and your loved ones to stay active and healthy each and every day. Plus, it will give you all something to look forward to every morning!

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